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Providing a safe and secure learning environment for your child is one of Racine Unified’s top priorities. To ensure we accomplish this, we regularly review and update our safety and security procedures. As a result, we have updated our lockdown procedures, which are set into motion in the unlikely event that a threat of danger exists in or around our schools.

Beginning this fall, RUSD is implementing the use of ALiCE, an active shooter response training program, (i.e. alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate) in all of our schools. Security experts across the country believe, as do we, that the use of these additional procedures will enhance student and staff safety.

For the last several months, all RUSD staff members including principals and teachers, took part in ALiCE training. The following is a brief overview of what ALiCE is and what students and staff are taught.

If an intruder enters the building, students and staff should:

Stop, look, listen and take appropriate action.
Get to and/or remain in a secure area and barricade until it is safe to evacuate.
Use sensory information to determine when and if it is safe to evacuate.
Distract the intruder if it becomes necessary to do so.
Do not be a stationary target.

Students in all grades will undergo age-appropriate ALiCE training next month so they are prepared to react appropriately in the unlikely event of an intruder or violent situation at their school.