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Behavior Expectations


Ace It

Do Your Best!

Face It

Be A Responsible Member of the Team

Pace It

Stay on Track

All Areas

- Set high standards

- Support each other with praise and recognition

- Be a team player

- Use respectful language and appropriate volume

- Create winning habits

- Be on time


- Do quality work

- Participate positively in class

- Listen when others talk

- Keep your space clean

- Complete assignments

- Stay on top of your calendar

- Attend class

- Be prepared for class

- Know where you stand


- Keep your locker area and hallways clean

- Move quietly in hallways during class time

- Respect school staff in halls

- Walk at all times

- Respect bulletin boards and displays

- Have a pass if out of class

- Promptly get to where you need to be

- Use the bathroom and get a drink during passing period

- Gather all materials for next class during passing periods


- Keep your space clean

- Sit at a table or be in line

- Be welcoming and include others

- Throw trash away in garbage cans

- Be appropriate with your food and drink

- Attend your assigned lunch period

- Use off-campus privileges wisely


- Keep the stalls and walls graffiti free

- Throw trash away

- Use toilet, soap, sinks, and paper products correctly

- Use the bathroom between classes

- Return to class promptly and quietly

Parking Lot

- Respect other’s property (vehicles)

- Drive responsibly

- Display parking passes

- Report incidents to sub-school immediately

School Grounds

- Stay on public property

- Keep grounds litter free

- Enter and exit building through designated doors

- Unless involved in after-school activities, leave school grounds promptly at dismissal


 & Events

- Engage in positive/appropriate behavior

- Be respectful of participants/performers

- Remain seated in designated areas

- Use appropriate school language

- Wear spirit attire

- Find your seat and depart orderly and promptly

- Earn your right to participate