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Walden III is a choice school within the Racine Unified School District (RUSD). Walden Middle and High Schools share the same building, located near downtown Racine.  We will be relocating to the McKinley school building (2340 Mohr Ave, Racine) for the 2018-19 school year.

Walden has a population of approximately 550 students in grades 6-12.  The school will be expanding in the 6th-8th grade levels for 2018-19.

Please see further information under the Enrollment Section. 

Named after Henry David Thoreau's classic, "Walden," the school encourages its students to march to the beat of a different drummer. The student body is expected to be part of the decisions that affect them at school. Walden students demonstrate high levels of responsibility, self-direction, initiative and cooperation. Each student is expected to contribute toward making Walden III a more friendly, positive learning environment. The Walden III campus is open, meaning there is freedom for students to move about the school.  High School students may leave campus for lunch.  Students are expected to participate in events such as the Food Drive, Make a Difference Day, and Springing Walden.