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Board of Education Meeting for April 6


We wish to highlight parts of this meeting notification and the meeting agenda related to the current health emergency.

The April 6 RUSD Board of Education meeting will be held in its usual location, the Mygatts Room at the RUSD Administrative Service Campus (3109 Mt. Pleasant St.) also known as the Board room. However, to comply with the current guidance regarding social distancing, the chairs in the room will be separated by six feet. This will reduce the capacity of the room. In the unlikely event that the room reaches capacity, later arrivals will not be admitted until a chair is vacated. We are providing a telephone connection so the public can listen remotely to the meeting as it happens as an alternative to in-person attendance.

Members of the Board may participate remotely via Google Meet.

In the past the Board has allowed Board members who could not be present in person to participate in meetings by conference call. However, due to limitations in recognizing the member on the phone for voting, the participation was limited to discussion of the matters on the agenda. The current technology reduces that issue so Board members who participate remotely via Google Meet will vote and be counted toward a quorum. A policy regarding remote participation has been prepared for adoption by the Board to ensure consistency in future meetings. 

The meeting agenda has been streamlined to keep in-person attendance to a minimum. Staff presentations on agenda items may be made remotely via the Google Meet platform.

There are three reasons why the RUSD Board of Education will continue to meet: 1) there are agenda items which require timely action, 2) state law requires School Boards to meet at least monthly and 3) meetings of governmental bodies are exempt from the prohibition on mass gatherings.