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Who are we?

Racine Civil Leaders Academy (RCLA) is a public charter school of the Racine Unified School District.  It is an urban, neighborhood elementary school that brings students from the mid-town area to a school in their own community.  As a charter school, RCLA has more flexibility in meeting the needs of students through our curriculum and partnerships with community members.  Our unique school implements Project-Based Learning (PBL) as our school-wide instructional model, while prioritizing math, science and community leadership.  For the 2016-2017 school year, we service students from 4K through 6th grade.

How will the community be involved with RCLA?

Our goal is to build trust with community members so that we all may hold each other accountable for our children's future.  RCLA wants families to be honest about what kind of help they need to support their children’s education and to form community partnerships that fill those gaps.  Families and community members are encouraged to express interest in how students are doing in school and to provide the encouragement they need to stay on track.

In what other ways will RCLA be different?

Staff and students of RCLA are required to wear uniforms.  Busing will not be provided to students.

School-Wide Morning Assembly

Below is a list of what is covered on each day of the morning assembly.  Assembly begins promptly at 7:30am and lasts until approximately 7:50am.

Monday:  Mission Statement Monday - One grade level presents their classroom mission statement, one student presents his/her student mission statement, and one staff member presents his/her staff mission statement.

Tuesday:  Leaders of the Week - A student from each classroom is recognized for leadership and then presented with their classroom leadership trophy.

Wednesday:  Character Education - The monthly Principle of Leadership is stated, defined, and discussed.  A quote is given on the first Wednesday of the month to introduce that month’s Principle of Leadership.  The following Wednesdays are based around that month’s Principle of Leadership in the form of a poem, story, student examples, or activity.  Racine Civil Leaders Academy's Principles of Leadership are listed below:
September:  Humanity            
October:  Respect
November:  Communication
December:  Responsibility
January:  Perseverance
February:  Integrity
March: Collaboration
April: Knowledge
May: Excellence

Thursday:  Shout Out Thursday - Positive behaviors, acts of kindness, etc. of students, classrooms and staff are announced in the form of a shout out.

Friday:  RAD (Real Accurate Data) Friday - Classroom attendance percentages and the school-wide attendance percentage for the previous week are shared and celebrated if the goal is reached (95%) and encouragement is given if the goal is not reached.  A “Minute to Win It” type game is played and a representative from each class is asked to participate in the game.

Universal Free Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast is being served each morning in the classroom beginning at 7:50am.  All RCLA students qualify for free breakfast and lunch and will not be charged.