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Inclusive Playground

Mission Statement:
We strive to create and expand our playground to promote independence and access for all children.

Reason for Request:
We are requesting this new equipment and playground expansion to promote independence and access for all children who may use the playground. Our goal is to teach all children to be independent at a young age so that they can use these independence skills to succeed in their future. Currently, our non-ambulatory children are unable to access the current playground equipment and simply sit under a tree in their wheelchairs. This does not promote inclusive play and acceptance of others. By having a new, accessible playground structure, we would be teaching acceptance and promoting that everyone is equal; an important life lesson for all children.


How to Donate:

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  • Make payable to: Racine Unified School District
  • Write "Olympia Brown Inclusive Playground" in the Memo line

Mail To:
Olympia Brown Elementary
2115 5 1/2 Mile Road
Racine, WI 53402