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Board Approves Schools Impacted Project
Spring 2017 All Schools Last spring RUSD presented another round of Racine Innovative Technology Educators (RITE) grant awards. Click here to view the video.
Fall 2016 All Schools Last October, RUSD introduced an initiative called the Racine Innovative Technology Educators (RITE) grant program. The aim of RITE is to give our educators the opportunity to submit a proposal for utilizing technology to support student learning in your classroom. Click here to view the video.
Jan. 11, 2016 Gilmore Middle School The Board of Education approved purchasing Chromebooks to pilot a 1:1 technology initiative at Gilmore Middl School. [Read more]
Jan. 26, 2015 All Schools The Board of Education approved the purchase of 5,250 Chromebooks for RUSD students making the student to Chromebook ratio 4:1 at all RUSD schools. The cost for the Chromebooks, Chromebook carts, peripherals and implementation services is not to exceed $2,257,920. [Read more]