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What is Montessori?

The Racine Unified School District opened its first Montessori school at Goodland School (4800 Graceland Blvd.) in 2016. Initially started with three- and four-year-olds, we continue to expand the school by one grade level each year. In 2019-2020, we welcome our first seven-year-old (2nd grade) students.

Montessori education is a method of education based on self-directed learning activities that emphasize learning through all five senses and multi-age classrooms. Children in Montessori classes learn at their own, individual pace and according to their own choice of activities from hundreds of possibilities. Learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, coordination, motivation, self-discipline, and independence.  


RUSD Primary Program Information  (3-7-year-old students)

3- and 4-year-old students attend school from 7:20-10:30am, Monday through Friday.

5-7-year-old students (5K-2nd grade) attend school from 7:20am - 2:11pm, Monday through Friday.

Hot lunch is offered to students who attend for a full day or attend the Kid Zone wrap around care program. 

Breakfast is offered to all students beginning at 7:10am every day. 

Kid Zone Wrap Around Care is offered for all Montessori students before and after the school day.

Transportation is available for students who are four years old and older and who live more than two miles from the school. Enrollment into the program is based on a lottery process.  



Facebook:  RUSD Montessori Program

Twitter: @RUSDMontessori