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Knapp Elementary School is a part of the Racine Unified School District. It serves students in grades 4K to 5 just southwest of downtown Racine

Knapp has been open since 1912. Knapp is focused on three big things: Improving attendance, making better use of data to guide and improve teaching and learning and making effective use of extended learning time at our school.

It is our vision to make Knapp a school where our students experience the joy of learning, are inspired to great achievement, and become positive contributors to our community.


Our school is named to honor Gilbert Knapp who lived from 1798 to 1887. Knapp found his way to the Root River during his travels as a Great Lakes sailor. He thought the area would be a good place to start a settlement and port for Great Lakes trade.

Years later, he returned to the Root River to become a founder of the City of Racine, which was originally named, "Port Gilbert", after him! Knapp was involved in government service and Wisconsin politics both before and after we became a state.

Our school has chosen a Clipper sailing ship as our "mascot" in memory of Knapp’s career as a sailor.