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Priority School Information

Kapp has been named a "Priority School" for the 2012 to 2016 school years. As a Priority School, Knapp will have extra federal Title I funding to:

  • Add 250 hours of instruction to the school year - for the current year, we have done this by adding  minutes to the normal Racine elementary school day. Otherwise, Knapp will follow the regular Racine elementary school calendar.
  • Contract with a "Lead Turnaround Partner" for educational support services. Knapp is working with West Ed for the current school year.
  • Develop “Response to Intervention” (RtI), to identify student learning needs and provide individual students with the level of support needed to succeed in school.
  • Provide additional professional development for staff members.
  • Develop our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to promote a school climate that fosters student learning.
  • Better engage school families to support their own children and the work of the school. Priority schools in Wisconsin are encouraged to develop a comprehensive approach to family and community partnerships as envisioned by the National Network of Partnership Schools.
  • Support the work of a leadership team that includes representatives from the Knapp community, West Ed, the District and the state.
  • Develop an online school improvement plan using "Indistar" software. To see our plan: 
    • Click this link (or use the web address):
    • Click the Indistar Login button, and 
    • Use the following alpha numeric combination (in bold type) as both your log in "user name" and as your password: guests10471 (no capital letters, no spaces)
    • Directions at the top of Knapp's Indistar guest page will direct you to scroll down the page to hover over an icon that allows you to select one of four school reports.

For more information about Priority Schools, visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's web pages and links on Priority Schools.