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Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning provides students the chance to take a wide variety of courses online. It is not a school. Instead, it is another option for students to receive instruction that is embedded into their normal school day.

There is no cost to take virtual courses. Students who attend private schools in the RUSD boundaries can take up to two virtual courses. For more information, visit the Virtual Learning home page or contact our Virtual Learning department.

How Does Virtual Learning Work?

Virtual learning is offered to help students who don't have room in their schedule for more courses, want more challenging or rigorous courses that aren't offered at their school, cannot attend classes on campus, have difficulty learning in a classroom environment, or need to work at a faster or slower pace to complete a course.

Students who enroll in virtual learning can take some or all of their courses online. They enroll through their school counselor or by contacting the virtual learning administrator. Enrollment is accepted on a rolling basis during the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Each course has two teachers: a content teacher and a mentor teacher. The content teacher provides instruction in the subject area. The content teacher may be an RUSD staff member or a certified teacher from the Wisconsin eSchool Network.

The mentor teacher is a teacher at Horlick who provides support and encouragement to virtual students, connects them with additional resources and continually checks in with them to make sure they stay on track.

Courses are typically 16 weeks long and combine a variety of teaching methods to help students learn, including readings, video clips, online textbooks, discussion forums, at-home exercises and exams.

While enrolled in virtual learning, Horlick students have access to the same amenities as their peers. They are welcome to do their coursework during school hours, under the supervision of their mentor teacher, or at home. Horlick students in virtual learning are also encouraged to participate in sports, clubs, activities and events.