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News, General Information, and Important Reminders

Virtual Parent Teacher Conference Information

Monday, November 2nd (8:00 AM - 7:00 PM)

Tuesday, November 3rd (8:00 AM - 12:00 PM)














Updated 9/4/20
To be able to address the high volume of calls we are receiving, we have a new phone number for the Student Call Center. Please advise parents to use the following number beginning now: 
1-844-989-2943 (toll free)
Schools will receive new cards with the new number to be handed out at meal distribution and for teacher reference. We will be sending an autodialer and other communication to families shortly.



No Meal Service Monday 9/7 – Labor Day

Tuesday 9/8 – Breakfast & Lunch provided for 3 days

Thursday 9/10 – Breakfast & Lunch provided for 4 days



Beginning September 14


Meal Service Days & Times


Monday & Thursday 9:00 – 10 AM


Monday & Thursday 9:00 – 10 AM


Monday & Thursday 9:00 – 10 AM


Monday & Thursday 10:00–11:30 AM & 4:30-6:00 PM


Monday & Thursday 10:00-11:30 AM


Monday & Thursday 4:30-6:00 PM


Monday & Thursday 4:30-6:00 PM

Meal Service Sites

Free healthy grab and go meals will be provided to any child 18 years and younger while schools are closed. We ask that families who drive up, please remain in their cars in an effort to reduce the spread of germs and keep everyone safe. RUSD staff wearing masks and gloves will bring your meals to your car window. Families that walk up are asked to please be mindful of our walk-up lines ensuring that everyone is 6 feet apart.

The following sites will serve meals Monday and Wednesday at the following times. Students will receive two meals on Monday and three meals on Wednesday. 

Meals will be available at the following locations from 9-10 a.m.:

Meals will be available at the following locations from 10-11:30 a.m.:

  • Horlick High School, 2119 Rapids Dr.
  • Park High School, 1901 12th St.
  • Starbuck Middle School, 1516 Ohio Street.

For local Food Pantry information, please click HERE.

Sitios de Distribución de Alimentos

Se proporcionarán comidas gratuitas y saludables de manera pasa y lleva a cualquier niño de 18 años o menos mientras las escuelas estén cerradas.  Para ayudar a detener la propagación de gérmenes, les pedimos a las familias quienes lleguen manejando que permanezcan dentro de sus autos.  Personal de RUSD usando máscaras y guantes les entregarán los alimentos en la ventana de su auto.  A las familias quienes lleguen caminando, les pedimos que sigan el orden de las filas y se mantengan a 6 pies de distancia.

Los siguientes sitios distribuirán alimentos los lunes y miércoles a las horas indicadas.  Los estudiantes recibirán dos comidas los lunes y tres comidas los miércoles.

Se distribuirán alimentos en los siguientes sitios de 9 – 10 am:

  • Bull Early Education Center, 815 DeKoven Ave.
  • Knapp Elementary School, 2701 17th Street.
  • Mitchell K-8 School, 2701 Drexel Ave.
  • Olympia Brown Elementary School, 2115 5 1/2 Mile Rd.

Se distribuirán alimentos en los siguientes sitios de 10 – 11:30am.

  • Horlick High School, 2119 Rapids Dr.
  • Park High School, 1901 12th St.
  • Starbuck Middle School, 1516 Ohio Street.

Para información sobre Despensas de Comida por favor haga clic AQUI.


District Issued Chromebook






Tech. Support for District Issued Devices:



To receive assistance, please contact or email the following:

Para recibir ayuda, por favor llameo envie un correo electronico a: (Tel: 262-631-7194) (Tel: 262-631-7138)











Click on the link below for Student Fee Information:


ALiCE Information and FAQ

Dear RUSD Parent/Guardian,

Providing a safe and secure learning environment for your child is one of Racine Unified’s top priorities. To ensure we accomplish this, we regularly review and update our safety and security procedures. As a result, we have updated our lockdown procedures, which are set into motion in the unlikely event that a threat of danger exists in or around our schools.

Beginning this fall, RUSD is implementing the use of ALiCE, an active shooter response training program, (i.e. alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate) in all of our schools. Security experts across the country believe, as do we, that the use of these additional procedures will enhance student and staff safety.

For the last several months, all RUSD staff members including principals and teachers, took part in ALiCE training. The following is a brief overview of what ALiCE is and what students and staff are taught.

If an intruder enters the building, students and staff should:

  • Stop, look, listen and take appropriate action.
  • Get to and/or remain in a secure area and barricade until it is safe to evacuate.
  • Use sensory information to determine when and if it is safe to evacuate.
  • Distract the intruder if it becomes necessary to do so.
  • Do not be a stationary target.

Students in all grades will undergo age-appropriate ALiCE training next month so they are prepared to react appropriately in the unlikely event of an intruder or violent situation at their school.

Before we rollout this program District-wide, we invite our families to learn more about ALiCE at one of the District’s upcoming presentations (see the backside of this letter for dates, times and locations). There, you will learn more about ALiCE, what it means and what would happen in your child’s classroom.

Thank you for your understanding and support. It is our responsibility to make sure our students and staff are safe at school – that starts with making sure everyone is equipped with the tools to react appropriately.


ALiCE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is ALICE and ALICE training?
A: As part of the District’s ongoing commitment to student and staff safety, ALICE is being implemented District-wide this fall. The goal of ALICE training is to teach students and teachers strategies that will prepare them in the unlikely event of an intruder or other violent situation. This training encourages staff and students to respond based on their situation. During ALICE training, staff and students are trained in different options for responding to a school intruder. In certain circumstances, the “lock the door and hide” strategy might be appropriate. In some cases, the teacher and students might take precautions to barricade the entrance(s) of the classroom. Under certain conditions, it might be the best decision for the teacher and students to evacuate the building.

Q: What does ALiCE stand for and what do the words mean?
A:  ALiCE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

Alert – inform people of the threat, giving as much information as possible.
Lockdown – Students and staff can choose to lockdown and barricade the room that they are in if they determine that it is not safe to evacuate.
Inform – pass on as much information as possible to others and to First Responders, including calling 911.
Counter – an effort of last resort, if an armed intruder is able to get into the space they are in, individuals can counter with distraction or other tactics. Staff are being trained to use every effort to stop the intruder, instead of relying on the traditional lockdown and hide response.
Evacuate – If it is safe to do so, all are encouraged to evacuate the building, and remove themselves from the threat.

Q: Are teachers and staff expected to follow ALICE in order? Are you supposed to Alert, then lockdown, then inform?
A: ALICE is not intended to be a checklist of things to do. It is a list of choices, with accompanying strategies that are options for our staff to ensure everyone stays safe in the unlikely event of an armed intruder.

Q: Why implement ALiCE in my child’s school?  
A: The safety of our students and staff is one of RUSD’s top priorities. To ensure our schools remain safe places, we want to ensure our students and staff are equipped with the tools necessary to know what to do if an armed intruder is in a school. All our schools are equipped with a number of safeguards, some seen and others unseen, to keep our students safe. There is a new standard-of-care which emphasizes the need for proactive, options-based, strategies, which means that we have a responsibility to those in our care to do all we can to prepare them for this rare event.

Q: What does it mean to “counter”?
A: The main intent of Counter is to distract the intruder, not try to physically take on the intruder. An example of Counter would be to throw objects at an intruder for a distraction. How each staff member chooses to respond if directly confronted by a violent intruder is a personal choice.  

Q: How will parents be notified if their child’s school is experiencing a real emergency?
A: Emergency notifications will be sent out using all methods of RUSD’s communication, including a phone call and text message from our robocall system, website updates, media alerts and social media. Families are encouraged to login to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and make sure their emergency contact information is up to date and accurate. 

Q: How will we know my child will be safe after the emergency?
A: In the event of a full evacuation, children would be transported to safe evacuation sites off of school grounds where they will be reunited with parents/guardians. Parents/guardians will be informed about these locations through direct communication from their child’s school.

Q: Where can I go for more information about ALICE?
A: The ALICE training institute guides the District in our training approach. Additional information is available at their website If you have specific questions, regarding your child’s school, please contact your school principal.





We are going “Green”!  We are pleased to inform you that effective Sept. 7, 2017 we will “go live” with an online WINGS volunteer application that is accessible from our RUSD homepage.

All volunteers are required to complete the online volunteer application, even if they were previously approved.  Volunteers that do not complete the online application will not be allowed to serve in the District until they do so. Volunteers only need to complete one online application, as it will suffice for all volunteer opportunities throughout the entire District.




Dear Parents and Guardians,

As winter weather approaches, I want to be sure you are aware of emergency closing procedures that the Racine Unified School District follows. We realize that any change from the normal school schedule may cause some disruption. The below options will be utilized sparingly and only when conditions make such procedures absolutely necessary. It is very important that you are prepared for such an emergency. Please make all necessary arrangements in advance for alternate supervision for your child/children in case of emergency closings. Our goal is to ensure care and safety for all students.

Parent Notification

If schools are closed, delayed or dismissed early, we will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible. To receive the earliest information about emergency closings or delays, we urge you to register your email address on our website ( to receive up-to-date notification via email. Additionally, we will immediately post school closing information on the website ( and the notice will be broadcast over the following media:


(Racine Unified School District)


(The Journal Times)

Fox 6 (Channel 6)

TMJ4 (Channel 4)

CBS 58 (Channel 58)

WISN 12 (Channel 12)

FM 106.1

WRJN (1400 AM)



WGTD (91.1 FM)

V100.7 JAMS

94.5 KTI Country



620 WTMJ

92.1 The Shore


School Closing Procedures

There are three possibilities for closing school, which may be considered based upon weather conditions:

Option #1 - Schools Closed – All Racine Unified schools will be closed for the day. No after-school activities occur on days when the schools are closed.

Option #2 - Delayed Start - Two Hours – Schools will start two hours later than their usual starting time. Students who use school bus transportation should be at their assigned bus stop two hours later than normal. Students who walk should plan to arrive at their schools two hours later than the normal arrival time. Students will be dismissed at their regular dismissal time at the end of the day.

Early Childhood and 4-Year-Old Half-Day Kindergarten - When schools are delayed two hours, early childhood and 4K are not in session.


Option #3 - Early Dismissal Dismissal time is determined based on weather and communicated to families as quickly as possible. No after school activities occur on early dismissal days.

Additionally, we will be launching text message notifications. Please watch for more information coming soon!




Estimados Padres y Guardianes,

Ya que el clima del invierno se acerca, quiero que estén enterados acerca de los procedimientos de cierre de emergencia que sigue el Distrito Escolar. Entendemos que cualquier cambio del horario normal escolar puede provocar algo de perturbación. Las siguientes opciones se utilizarán con moderación y solo cuando las condiciones hagan que este tipo de procedimiento sea absolutamente necesario. Es muy importante que ustedes estén preparados para tal emergencia. Por favor hagan todos los arreglos necesarios con anticipación para una supervisión alternativa de sus estudiantes en caso de cierres de emergencia. Nuestra meta es asegurar el cuidado y la seguridad de todos los estudiantes.

Notificación a los Padres

Si las escuelas se cierran, la hora de entrada se retrasa o salen temprano, haremos todo lo posible por informarles lo más antes posible. Para recibir la información más actualizada sobre el cierre o retrasos de emergencia, les sugerimos que registren su dirección de correo electrónico en el página de internet de nuestro distrito ( para recibir noticias actualizadas a través de correos electrónicos. Además, inmediatamente publicaremos la información de cierre de escuelas en la página de internet del Distrito ( y la notificación se transmitirá a través de los siguientes medios de comunicación:

(Racine Unified School District)


(The Journal Times)

Fox 6 (Canal 6)

TMJ4 (Canal 4)

CBS 58 (Canal 58)

WISN 12 (Canal 12)

FM 106.1

WRJN (1400 AM)



WGTD (91.1 FM)

V100.7 JAMS




620 WTMJ



Procedimiento del Cierre de Escuela

Hay tres posibilidades de cierre de escuela, que pueden ser consideradas basadas en las condiciones del clima:

Opción 1 – Se cierran las escuelas - Todas las escuelas del Distrito Unificado de Racine estarán cerradas por el día. Tampoco se realizarán las actividades que regularmente se hacen después de clases

Opción # 2 – La hora de entrada es retrasada - Dos Horas – Las escuelas comenzarán dos horas después de su hora normal de entrada. Los estudiantes que usan el transporte escolar deben estar en su parada de autobús asignada, dos horas más tarde de lo normal. Los estudiantes que caminan deben planear llegar a sus escuelas dos horas después de su hora normal de entrada. Los estudiantes saldrán a su hora regular al final del día.

Educación de Edad Temprana y Kínder de Cuatro Años (4K) de Medio Día. Cuando las escuelas se retrasan dos horas, Educación de Edad Temprana y el Kínder de Cuatro Años (4K) no asisten a la escuela.

Opción #3 - Salida Temprana – La hora de despedida es determinada basada en el clima y es comunicada a las familias lo más rápido posible. No hay actividades escolares después de la escuela en los días de salida temprana.

Adicionalmente, estamos implementando notificaciones por mensajes de textos, pronto compartiremos más información. Mis más sinceros agradecimientos por su apoyo mientras entramos a la temporada de la planificación relacionada con el clima.





Updated - November 9, 2015

Dear Horlick Families,

Per School District Policy, in an attempt to keep Horlick High School safe for our families, students, and staff, all parents and visitors wishing to gain entrance to the building Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:15 a.m. – 2:45 p.m., must enter through the tennis court doors located at the west end of the building (Entrance 7W).

We ask that you use the security call button located on the outside of the Tennis Court Doors.  Upon entry, please sign-in with the staff member at the check-in window.

If you have an appointment, you will be asked to sign in as a visitor and will receive a visitor pass before you will be allowed to go into the building.

Once your business is concluded, we ask that you return to the visitor check-in desk, sign out, and exit the building through the tennis court doors.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Horlick High School at 262-619-4300.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Angela Ress Apmann, Directing Principal - Wm. Horlick High School



9 de noviembre de 2015


Estimadas Familias de Horlick,

Por noma del distrito escolar, de modo de mantener a la Escuela Preparatoria Horlick segura para nuestras familias, estudiantes y personal, todos los padres y visitantes quienes desean entrar al edificio de lunes a viernes entre las horas de 7:15 a.m. – 2:45 p.m., deberán entrar por las puertas cerca de las canchas de tenis localizadas al lado oeste del edificio (entrada 7W).

Les pedimos usen el botón localizado afuera de las puertas de las canchas de tenis para llamar a seguridad. 

Si tiene una cita,  se le pedirá anotar su entrada como visitante y recibirá una identificación de visitante antes de poder acceder al edificio

Ya que haya terminado con el asunto de su visita, le pedimos que regrese al escritorio de los visitantes para firmar su salida y salir del edificio por las puertas de las canchas de tenis.

Si tiene preguntas, por favor comuníquese con la Escuela Preparatoria Horlick al 262-619-4300.

Les agradecemos, por adelantado, por su cooperación.



Angela Ress Apmann

Directora Principal

Wm. Horlick High School


Student Deliveries (Flowers, Balloons, etc.)

Please refrain from having deliveries made to students during the school day (flowers, balloons, etc.)

Due to some students having severe floral and latex allergies, students should not be receiving and/or and carrying around flowers, latex balloons, and/or mylar balloons during the school day.

In the event a delivery is made during school hours, flowers and/or balloons will be kept in the Main Office where the student can pick them up at the end of the school day. Thank you.

Student Deliveries (Food)

With the exception of a parent/guardian dropping off a bag lunch, students should not have food delivered during the school day (pizza, subs, etc...).

The school cafeteria offers many choices each day for students to choose from. Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for more information on cafeteria rules, lunch times, policies and procedures. Thank you.