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Graduation Requirements


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Total Credits

A student who is in good academic standing must meet full graduation requirements (26 Credits) of their graduating class to graduate early.

Granting Credit for Off-Campus Educational Experiences

Credit will be granted for off-campus educational experiences. Prior approval for such credit must be obtained from the student's counselor after consultation with the student and parent. Off-campus credit is granted by the school and is evaluated on an individual basis. Any expense involved in off-campus educational experiences (except for Youth Options and Course Options) must be paid by the student. (See Guidance course section on RUSD Website.)

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The High School Course Description Guide gives detailed requirements for prerequisites in every subject area. A student may not be denied the opportunity to enroll in a course on the basis of a mark in a prerequisite course unless that mark is a failure.

See your counselor if you would like to apply for Early Graduation.