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Gifford School
8332 Northwestern Ave.
Racine, WI 53406

Phone: (262) 619-4550
Attendance Line: (262)619-4598
Fax: (262) 619-4595

Gifford School Administration

William Ticha
Heather Bennett
Assistant Principal
4K - 2nd grades

Lewis Malczewski
Assistant Principal
3rd - 5th grades

Scott Campbell
Assistant Principal
6th - 8th grades



Support Staff
Samantha Thorson
Social Worker
Susan Podskarbi
Social Worker
Sarah Patrick
Kelly O'Donnell
Erin Leavitt
4K, 2nd, 5th, and 8th grades
Megan VanKoningsveld
1st, 4th, and 7th grades
 Megan Knudson
K, 3rd, and 6th grades

Meghan Mota
Instructional Coach

Seth Marie Westfall

Instructional Coach
Office Staff
Carrie Rolain

Kathy Kinsley
Records Clerk
 Dawn Sturm
Attendance Clerk
Early Learning
Lisa Smith
3K Speech Classroom

Amy Lucareli
4K Classroom 104
Carly Reidenbach
4K Classroom 101
Christine Staszak
4K Classroom 106
 Carrie Belec
Room 114
Rebecca Bohn
Room 108
 Donna Carre
Room 116
Teresa Losiniecki
Room 120
Sue Pena
Room 112
 Nicole Sikora
Room 118
Aimee Wendt
Room 110
First Grade
 Lindsay DeMatthew
Room 206
Jenee Fletcher
Room 208
 Ann Kulp
Room 210
Susan Kwapil
Room 212
Rebecca Oster
Room 216
Amy Rattle
Room 204
 Sara Stewart
Room 202
Second Grade

Chris Brody
Room 222

Terri Demark-Russo
Room 226

Amy Mathew
Room 220
Michelle Miller
Room 218


 Melinda Schmidt
Room 224

Becky Steinbach
Room 228
Third Grade
 Brooke Brusky
Room 233
Wendy Fleury
Room 143
Sarah Grycowski
Room 231
Amber Mojica
Room 145
Jessica Myszewski
Room 147
Laurie Nikolic
Room 235
Stephanie Schumacher
Room 53
Fourth Grade

Kayla Butterfield
Room 51
Jean Cieczka
Room 65
Karen Myers
Room 64

Daena Voelz
Room 62

 Kristi Walsko
Room 67
Beth Zuberbuehler
Room 63
Fifth Grade
Karen Beard
Room 56
   Jennifer Bersch
Room 57
Megan Foulk
Lisa Huebner
Room 15
Stacey Kovacik
Room 53
Stephanie Naegeli
Sixth Grade
Renee Beguhl
Dream Team English
Ashley Lipka
Team Perserverance Math
Amy Pollatz
Dream Team Science
Sarah Taylor
Team Perserverance Science
Jennifer Wutt
Team Perserverance English 
Susan Yonkovich
Dream Team Math
Seventh Grade
Samantha Butler

Dan Konopasek
Amanda Neumann

Rod Strutz
Shannon Schuster
Erica Topps
Eighth Grade
  Denise Saverine
Amanda Staniger
Nicole Wagner
8th Science
Allied Arts
Alana Cacciotti 
3K-5th Art

Jamie DaPra
6th-8th Art

 Elizabeth Day
Alex Grycowski
3K-5th Physical Education
Steven Losiewicz 
Band/General Music
Amy Maack
6th-8th choir
Marianne Madden
3K-5th Physical Education
Jenny McGowan
Family/Consumer Science
Taylor Middleton
3K-5th Music
  Heather Remington 
3K-5th Physical Education
Kate Ricchio
6th-8th Career/Tech Ed
Jack Senzig
3K-5th music
Jessicca Williams
Kari Young
6th-8th Physical Education
Academic Support Teachers
Melody Beighley
Speech Pathologist
Megan Cramer
Special Education Teacher

Becky DeRosia
Speech Pathologist

Monica Fischer
Robin Gavigan
Speech Pathologist
Sarah Jacoby
Occupational Therapist

Chris Marquardt
Special Education Teacher

Leah Polack
Physical Therapist
Susan Sullivan
Special Education Teacher
Hailey Webb
Special Education Teacher

Kristin Zimmerman
ESL Teacher

Educational Assistants
Sally Brach
Lunch Assistant
Amy Chernouski
Lunch Assistant

Janet Hart
4K AM assistant

Maggie Herman
4th grade EA

Kathy Jakubiak
3K speech assistant
Beth Jeppeson
4K AM assistant

Melissa Kwiatkowski
4K PM assistant

Candace Lepow
8th grade EA

Tracey Michna
Library assistant

Marija Nedeljkovic
4K PM assistant

Carolyn Peterson
3rd grade EA
Maria Rivera
4K PM assistant

Ann Rose
8th grade EA

Stevie Simonsen
4K PM assistant

Cathy Topp
Nursing Assistant

Sue Tryba
6th grade EA

Bernie Ulcek
2nd grade EA

Dianir Villarreal
2nd Grade EA

Shelly Wilson
4th Grade EA
Custodial Staff
District Support Staff

Special Education Supervisor

Special Education Support

Special Education Support

Gifted and Talented Support


Julia Evje
Technology Support