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Principal's Corner

Hello Giese Families,

Whether you’re new to Giese or you’re returning, we welcome you.  For those of you new to Giese, I am Principal Tangella King. This is my 3rd year at Giese and I am excited to see what this school year brings. What an interesting time to teach and learn. This new way of teaching and learning will be both challenging and rewarding. We will face this challenge head on, giving it all we’ve got! For those of you who are returning, you know that we are passionate about the potential and possibilities of the students who attend Giese. We believe in the students who attend Giese and we know they are destined for success. 


We have an exceptional staff of new and returning teachers who will partner with you to help your child flourish and grow during these early learning years.  The Giese teaching staff are well equipped to deliver the skills students need to be successful in middle school, high school and beyond. In addition to our exceptional staff, this year we are partnering with United Way: Schools of Hope for tutoring for grades 1 through 3 and YMCA’s  Young Leaders Academy After School Program for grades 3 through 5.


If at any time during the school year you have a concern regarding your child, we encourage you to contact us. Teachers are available by email, phone and Class DoJo.  If you need to make an appointment with a teacher or with the principal please connect with Mrs. Billie Jo Dahse, Giese’s Head Secretary our School Clerk. Also here to support your needs are our School Counselor, Mrs. Howard and our School Social Worker, Mrs. Podskarbi.  


On behalf of the teachers and staff at Giese, I thank you for allowing us the opportunity to educate and nurture your child. We look forward to a great 2020-2021 school year.


Click the link to visit our Giese Facebook Page for all of the latest news and happenings.


Be well, 


Tangella King, M.A. Ed