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Performance Group Statement

Performance groups are for 4th and 5th grade students at Fine Arts Elementary. Students start their performance groups at the end of September each year. All students will be auditioned by the teacher of each group. Once performance groups are selected, they will meet throughout the remainder of the year on Tuesday and Thursday at 3:05 pm. Students will only be considered according to the general criteria found below. Click on the links below to read more about each of Fine Arts' performance groups.

Performance Groups

Art Studio


Dance Troupe

Drama Troupe


  1. All students in grades 4-5 are eligible for one (1) performance group through the audition process.
  2. Students must be highly motivated in the preferred choice.
  3. Students must be self-directed.
  4. Student must be able to cooperate with peers and staff.
  5. Some groups will require evening/weekend performances or work sessions.
  6. Being part of a performance group is a privilege. Behavior and attendance are very important.  
  7. Some groups may require rehearsal or work time during recess or after school, especially as performance time draws near.