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Europe Trip Offered to RUSD Students in Summer 2016


RUSD students and parents have the chance to tour Italy and France during an art and culture trip in Aug. 2016. 

Students will witness thousands of years of technical and cultural advances in Paris, Florence and Rome including engineering breakthroughs like the flying buttresses of Notre Dame and stunning art pieces like Michelangelo's ceiling frescoes at the Vatican. 

RUSD students in grades 8-12 can attend, as well as paying parents. The current cost is $3,839. The trip is being hosted and chaperoned by RUSD Teachers Amanda Henkel and Sharon VanSwol. 

For more information on the itinerary, please visit the EF Tours website. To sign a student up for the tour, please email the following information to or Sharon.VanSwol@rusd.orgstudent name, student grade, student email, parent name and parent email.