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Daily Announcements Nov. 20 - Nov. 22

  • Students, pajamas, robes, slippers and blankets are not appropriate for school. Do not wear them at school. Also, you must wear shoes at all times while at school. It is not okay to run around with no shoes.  Also, food, candy, gum and drinks are not allowed outside the cafeteria.

  • We are still seeing slime in the building. Slime is not allowed in school.

  • Volleyball practice for boys and girls will be held Monday and Tuesday from 4-5pm in the gym. Make sure you are ready to go this week before the holidays!

  • Attention After Zone Students there will be no After Zone on Wednesday, November 22nd, due to the Thanksgiving break! [Insert turkey noise.]

  • Mr.Sanders, Mr.Chones, and Mr. Leavy Circle of support group members PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IN AND GET YOUR PROGRESS REPORTS FROM ROOM 219 (EVERYDAY) PLEASE Everyone that is in Mr.Sanders, Mr.Chones, and Mr.Leavy C.O.S groups need to come to the room check in…. Thank you from all of us.

  • If anyone has seen a pink and purple pencil case with the message “Live wild and free” written on it, please turn it into the office.

  • Calling all young ladies!!! If you are looking for something positive to join, that will teach you life skills, help you with your goals, get encouraged, receive help, and have group discussions about situations that goes on in a girl’s life, while having fun, then join Sister’s Empowerment held on Mondays and Wednesdays during After Zone. Signup sheet will be in the office. You can only sign up before or after school.