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RUSD High School Students Declare Academy


Case High School

On Monday, May 20, Case High School freshmen officially declared their Academy and were honored during a special ceremony held in the fieldhouse.

Declaration Day is a chance for students to officially declare their area of study and select an Academy and Pathway for their high school career.

Students walked across the stage welcomed by their Pathway teachers and Academy principal. Each student was handed a small gift that symbolizes their careers of interest.


Horlick High School

On Tuesday, May 21, Horlick High School freshmen were honored during a brief ceremony during the school day. Freshmen in each academy stood in front of their peers to declare their area of study for the next three years. Upperclassman in the Academy were also recognized for work they accomplished this past school year.


Park High School

Park High School held its Declaration Ceremonies on Thursday, May 30. Freshmen students were recognized in the theater and crossed the stage by Academy. Each student was welcomed by their Academy Principal and pathway teachers as they signed a graduation robe signifying their commitment to the Academies of Racine and their high school journey.