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Music Scholarships Awarded at the 41st Annual High Renaissance Feast


On the closing night of the 41st Annual High Renaissance Feast, the following students received music scholarships in these increments.

Katharin Jensen Memorial Scholorship: (sponsored by Mr. Peter Jensen, in memory of his daughter)
Daniel Dyer – $350.00
Maverick Thill – $350.00
Kristen Lietzke – $350.00
Devan Ingersoll – $200.00

The HVMPA Awards:
Jaime Faz – $350.00
Rayven Craft - $100.00
Maddy Bishop - $100.00
Megan Clemens - $75.00
Nadalie Clemens - $75.00
Sarah Baerwald - $50.00

This is an annual tradition recognizing students who dedicated their time and energy to making our Feast an amazing experience.

Check out this video of the event