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High School Juniors get Reality Check


High school juniors may not be thinking about salaries, bills and daycare costs right now, but during Reality Check Day, they were high priorities.

In partnership with Educators Credit Union, all RUSD juniors took part in Reality Check Day, an opportunity that prepares students for adulthood and helps them learn about financial literacy. Reality Check Day started about 15 years ago but just recently became a requirement for all junior students and a key piece of RUSD’s Academy education model, District and credit union officials say.

During the event, students used an app to guide them through the financial simulation. The app provides students with a safe space to learn about managing day-to-day finances. Students pick a career, are assigned a budget, a marital status, credit score and more. Their income must be used to pay bills and buy essential goods for a “month.”

Students walk away with a better understanding of what it means to be financially literate and maybe even a glimpse into their future.