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Walden III Students Raise More Than $7,000 for Racine County Food Bank


Walden III Middle and High School celebrated Thanksgiving with the school's annual food drive and feast on Wednesday. This year, students and staff collected 460 boxes of food and supplies and roughly $7,000 for the Racine County Food Bank. In addition to the supplies for the food bank, the school raised $1,500 for the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin to help homeless veterans.

The collection was part of the Walden Food Drive, an annual competition between the school's home groups. The competition runs for one week. Students are given a list of items to bring on each day and each day those items help their home groups accumulate points. The food drive helps determine the order home groups get to eat Walden's Thanksgiving Feast.

The school announced the totals and contest winners during a town hall. Community leaders visited the school in an effort to congratulate the students on their hard work. This year's leaders included Walden alumnus and Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Superintendent Dr. Lolli Haws, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Eric Gallien, Board of Education President Bob Wittke and representatives from the Racine County Food Bank and Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin.