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RUSD Star Program Looking for New Participants


Racine Unified is looking for individuals interested in earning their teaching certificate in Special Education to join the STAR Program.

The program, called School-based Teacher Academies of Racine, or STAR, is a partnership between Unified and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside that allows individuals to teach at Unified schools for two years while also working toward a teaching certificate.

The STAR program aims to help hopeful teachers obtain certification while also addressing areas of shortage in the district.

Program participants will instruct in the classroom four days a week and attend classes taught by UW-Parkside instructors at the Unified administrative campus each Friday while substitutes teach their classes. Participants will come out of the program with 41 undergraduate credits.RUSD will pay half of the tuition for program participants, who will also receive a first-year teacher salary. In exchange, participants must commit to five years of teaching in the district. 

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