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RUSD Celebrates Ten IB Full Diploma and Two Career-Related Diploma Graduates


RUSD congratulates ten Case High School 2019 International Baccalaureate (IB) Full Diploma graduates and two IB Career-Related Programme Diploma graduates!

To earn the full IB diploma, students must complete all of the necessary requirements including:

  • writing a 4,000-word Extended Essay;
  • taking the required Theory of Knowledge course;
  • taking and passing 24 hours of IB exams, which were graded in countries around the world;
  • submitting samples of their work to be graded by international examiners; and
  • fulfilling 150 hours of creativity, activity and service to the Racine community.

Congratulations to our 2019 IB full diploma graduates:

  • Lauren Chiappetta, attending St. Norbert College
  • Erika Groen, attending Calvin College
  • Logan Kolaske, attending University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Reagan McKeown, attending the University of Alabama
  • Jonah Nguyen, attending Mississippi State University
  • Jessica Nienhaus, attending UW-Madison
  • Aiden Pierre-Louis, attending UW-Madison
  • Leanne Potter, attending UW-Madison
  • Alexander Pudzisz, attending UW-Madison
  • Christopher Pudzisz, attending UW-Madison

Two members of the Case class of 2019, and our very first IB Career-related Programme students earned the IB Career-related Certificate. The candidate requirements for this certificate include:

  • taking 3 career pathway courses in their Academy;
  • taking 2 Diploma Programme courses and earning 3s or better on the corresponding IB exams;
  • writing a Reflective Project for which they researched and wrote a 1500-word essay on an ethical dilemma related to their career pathway;
  • taking the required Personal and Professional Skills course; and
  • fulfilling the requirements of the Language Development Portfolio and Service Learning

Congratulations to our 2019 IB Career-related Certificate graduates: 

  • Jenifer Santiago, attending UW-Milwaukee
  • Katlynn Finley, attending Marquette University

In addition to recognizing our IB Full Diploma and Career-related Certificate students, RUSD would also like to recognize the IB students who did exceedingly well on their exams.

Earning IB Scholar with Distinction - meaning they scored 4.25 or higher on 5 exams

  • Shelby Gain
  • Kylie Lanser
  • Tanya Narciso
  • Riley Sullivan

Earning IB Scholar with Honor - meaning they scored 4 or higher on 4 exams

  • Madison Carter
  • Cole Navin

Earning IB Scholar designation - meaning they scored 4 or higher on 3 exams

  • Amanda Lopez
  • Alondra Malfavon

Congratulations to this impressive group of students!