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JROTC Students Earn UW-Parkside Credit


The University of Wisconsin Parkside announces a new Articulation Agreement with the Racine Unified School District, formalizing a partnership benefiting Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) students who, after graduation, wish to continue their education at UW-Parkside. The goal of this postsecondary/secondary articulation agreement is to assist students in continuing their education after high school.  

“While working with the Army Military Instructors, I had the opportunity to review the US Army JROTC curriculum and recognized the quality of content and rigor and the alignment to several of UW-Parkside courses,” said Denise Olstinske, Co-Director of the UW-Parkside Center for Professional Studies, which is sponsoring this agreement.

The agreement allows JROTC students to receive up to six college credits toward general education and degree requirements, at no cost to the student or district, for advanced level learning in the JROTC program. This agreement provides a systematic, seamless transition process from secondary to postsecondary education that maximizes the use of resources and minimizes content duplication.

"The JROTC program at the Academies of Racine at Park High School is thankful for the relationship we have with UW-Parkside. Parkside has continued to help enhance student learning and help our students set themselves up for future success. This specific agreement has helped to bolster the JROTC program and allow our students to benefit from it well after they graduate. Community partnerships have been instrumental in growing our pathways within the Academies of Racine. We cannot thank UW-Parkside enough for being such a strong partner and supporter of not only the Academies of Racine, but especially the Park High School community,” said Jeff Miller, Principal of Park High School.