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A Small Act of Kindness Goes A Long Way for One Case High School Student


A small act of kindness from you can be HUGE to someone else.

Elaine Ford is a senior at Case High School. She had been excited about her final birthday in high school since the beginning of the school year and invited her friends whenever she saw them in the hallways.

Her teacher, Mrs. Gunville, let students know they were welcome to stop by her classroom on Elaine’s birthday, not knowing if anyone would show up.

“It was so heartwarming when so many students actually did come. I thought it was wonderful,” Gunville said.

On the special day, more than a dozen students showed up and brought Elaine gifts to help her celebrate! Some students who couldn’t attend even stopped by virtually through Facetime.

"I was happy to see them. It made me feel good, and I'm going to miss everybody," Elaine said. "I hope they can come to my graduation now!"

The students said it made them feel good to do something that would brighten their classmate’s day.