What is Bullying?

Bullying is behavior that is intended to cause some kind of harm. The person doing the bullying purposely says or does something to hurt the target of his/her behavior.

Bullying behavior always involves an imbalance of power (physical or social) or strength between the person doing the bullying and the target of the behavior. The person doing the bullying may be physically bigger or stronger, older or have greater social status than the person being targeted. It is a pattern of behavior usually repeated over time and can take many forms.

Bullying is aggressive behavior by an individual/group that is directed at a particular person/group. The aggressive behavior is unwanted and negative. It is deliberate and unprovoked. The targeted person is harmed by what is purposely being said or done.

When bullying or discrimination occur, there is only one person feeling emotional upset—the person who is the target of the bullying. The person who engages in bullying behavior derives some sense of satisfaction from his/her behavior and does not feel sorrow or regret about the harmful effects of her/his behavior.