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Walden III Middle & High School

Friendly learning environment with a student-centered campus.

 Walden III encourages its students to “march to the beat of a different drummer.” Walden students demonstrate high levels of responsibility, self-direction, initiative and cooperation, which helps create a friendly and positive learning environment. In 2017, Walden III High School was named one of the best high schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Student-centered and staff-driven, Walden III provides additional learning opportunities, including ROPE, that create a focus on volunteer service and lifelong learning. 

Through electives, Home Group and Enrichment periods, faculty members work to find unique ways to motivate each and every student to foster success in and out of the classroom. 

To enhance the learning environments, Walden III staff develops relationships with the students and their parents/guardians to effectively reach educational goals.

​Walden III offers numerous extra-curricular activities including intramural sports, First Robotics and Model UN as well as band, orchestra and choir.