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The vision of the Transportation Department is to provide safe and timely transportation for eligible students, based on state statutes and District policies. Furthermore, it is essential to be innovative and fiscally responsible.

Busing Eligibility

Students residing two (2) miles or more from their home school or on a street deemed hazardous by the police department are eligible for transportation. Walkers are students living within two (2) miles of the school they are attending. All transportation is determined by your residential address. To determine if your address qualifies for transportation, click here. If by choice you attend a school outside your attendance boundary, you will not be eligible for transportation.

Bus Stops

Bus stop locations are determined to create the smoothest path for the bus drivers and to pick up multiple students at one stop. Keeping the fewest stops per bus route reduces travel time. 

Bus Tracker App

FirstView® helps our families better manage your time during the hectic before- and after school rush by putting your student’s up-to-the-minute bus information in your hands.

This app is easy to download, set up and use and packed with helpful features to give you peace of mind, including estimated bus arrival time, opt-in district messaging regarding delays or issues, customizable alerts for when the bus is a chosen distance or number of minutes away, secure password protection and built-in customer support.

To download, go to You also can find FirstView® in the App Store or Google Play.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions or need additional information please email