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Start College Now

Eligible Students

Students attending Wisconsin public schools, not concurrently enrolled in Early College Credit Program.

Wis. Stat. 38.12 (14)(a) and Wis. Stat. § 118.55(2)(a)

Eligible Grades

11 - 12

Wis. Stat. 38.12 (14)(a)(1)

Eligible Institutions

Collectively referred to as “Institutions of Higher Education” (IHE)

Includes only Wisconsin technical colleges.

Wi Stat. 38.12 (14)(a)

Eligible Semesters

Fall and spring only

Wis. Stat. 38.12(14)(3)

College/Course Credit Limitation

No annual or semester limits, however districts may have policy limiting the total number of credits to 18.

Note: 18 credits is the minimum amongst the two programs a school district must offer a student
during the students eligible time. For ECCP it is grades 9-12, for Start College Now is grades 11-12. 

Wis. Stat. 118.55. (7t)(a)

Application and Notification

Student must submit a Start College Now application that notifies the school district (“board”) within the identified deadlines to request enrollment at the technical college at which course(s) are being sought.

Wis. Stat. 38.12(14)(a)(3

Deadline for notification or application

Students must notify district of intent to enroll in Start College Now by March 1st (for fall courses) and October 1st (for spring courses)

Wis. Stat. 38.12(14)(a)(3)

Deadline for notifying student of decision

District must notify student of approval and/or rejection of desired courses by May 15th for courses to be taken in fall and November 15th 
for courses to be taken inspring. 

Wis. Stat. 38.12(14)(c)

Method of selecting applicants An IHE may admit a student only if there is space available and the student meets the requirements and prerequisites of the course

Wis. Stat. 38.12(14)(b)(1)

District Denial of High School Credit for SCN Course

  • Doesn’t satisfy a high school graduation requirement
  • District offers comparable course

Appeal Considerations

Meets graduation requirements

  • ·District offers comparable course
  • Filed within 30 days of receiving decision

Wis. Stat. 38.12(14)(c)

Responsibility for paying cost of approved course Student’s district of full-time attendance.

Wis Stat. 38.12(14)(d)

Cost of course Pupil’s school district is responsible for all portions of tuition, fees and books per pupil attending WTCS, pupil is not responsible for any portion of the above.

Wis. Stat. 38.12(14)(f)


Student/parent responsible for any transportation costs for attending course(s)

Wis. Stat. 38.12(14)(e)

Comparable Courses

Click here for a current listing of comparable courses that the district has maintained. This list is not comprehensive and is updated regularly based on any changes in curriculum or regulations. This list is not a guarantee that the IHE is offering the course(s).

Initial Process for Start College Now (SCN):

  1. Student meets with high school counselor and discusses coursework and schedule to make determinations about whether or not the SCN program fits the students needs.
    1. Click here for the RUSD Master Course List of approvals and denials from past courses (review “Comparable Courses” for more information).
    2. Click here for 2018-2019 Course
  2. If student elects to move forward with the program, student completes the application process with the technical college of choice.
    1. This process will vary widely based on the technical college of choice. Student should contact the technical college directly for more information.
  3. During the application window, student does the following:
    1. Required: Completes the SCN application and submits the document to the high school counselor.
    2. Required: Completes the SCN Checklist and indicates parent e-mail address.
    3. Required:Follow up with parent to ensure Parent SCN Checklist is completed.
  4. After the deadline for application (review “Important Dates” for more information), the district will review all required documents and make a determination on the approval/denial of requested courses based on the comparability with any district courses.
  5. The district will inform the student/parent of which requested courses were approved or denied by the deadline (review “Important Dates” for more information).
  6. If a course was denied and the student/parent wishes to dispute the decision made by the district, they must follow the appeal process within 30 days of the dated letter sent listing approvals/denials.

Final Process for Start College Now:

  1. Student completes course.
  2. Student returns all books/texts purchased using district funds.
  3. Technical college sends transcript of completion to school.
  4. School records progress and forwards transcripts to the student by way of the high school.
    1. If it is determined that a course was not completed (dropped, withdrawn, failed), student/parent are billed for charges related to that course (tuition/books/fees) that were charged to the district.

Student/Parent Specific Responsibilities:

1) Complete 10th grade and be in good academic standing. (Program is available to 11th and 12th grade students).

2) Complete the application for the Start College Now Program found here: Start College Now Application

3) Submit the completed form (including student/parent/guardian signatures) no later than March 1 for fall semester courses and October 1 for spring semester courses to high school board of district in which the student resides. This is typically done by submitting the form to a high school counselor.

4) If the student disagrees with the school board's decision regarding comparability of courses or satisfaction of high school graduation requirements, the student may appeal the school board's decision to the state superintendent within 30 days after the decision.

5) Transportation to and/or from the technical college is the student’s responsibility.

6) Reference Subchapter 38.12 (14) for eligibility requirements prior to filling out the application.

Technical College Responsibilities:

1) Admit the student to the technical college if he or she meets the requirements; prerequisites of the course or courses and if there is space available in the course for which the student applied. Space availability will be determined once all other eligible recipients have been admitted to the course.

2) Collaborate with the high school district at least 30 days before the beginning of the technical college semester in which the student will be enrolled. Notify the student, in writing, if a course in which the student will be enrolled does not meet the high school graduation requirements and whether the course is comparable to a course offered in the high school district.

3) Ensure that the student’s educational program meets the high school graduation requirements under s. 118.33.