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Spotlight on Students & Staff


Starting from left to right: Grace Belmares, Neil Loomis, Jaclyn Poulsen, and Jodi Smith
(not pictured) Kristen Hutchinson, the speech and language therapist.

I would like to acknowledge the FASC (Functional Adaptive Special Class) team at Fratt Elementary for their continued perseverance and dedication to meet the demands of the  high needs students in their classroom. This group of educators collaborate daily as a team, and plan for all contingencies. They continuously strive to incorporate new ideas and strategies to ensure the engagement of all students in this classroom.

Each day, this group of excellent educators face new challenges, and never give up on the students and families they are servicing.

This classroom uses the Unique Curriculum daily, while supplementing the instruction with centers, individualized work to meet each child’s specific needs, and work sent home to reinforce and strengthen the skills being worked on in school. The speech and language therapist does whole group and individual services to meet each child’s communication needs and co-teaches throughout the week.

As a cluster 4 support team we have witnessed gains in these children that would either put a smile on your face, or bring tears to your eyes. I am very proud to work with this wonderful group of educators and am proud to be able to highlight their efforts to the RUSD community. Keep up the great work team!