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Remote Learning Guide

RUSD will begin the 2020-2021 school year remotely. We know this new way of learning can be overwhelming for our families. So, we wanted to provide a few helpful resources to help ensure your child is ready for school on Sept. 1! Click here to check out our How-To Videos.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom may be new to some students and their families. Check out the Guardian's Guide to Google Classroom to make sure you are prepared for Sept. 1!

2020-2021 School Calendar, Start & End Times & Schedules

RUSD will follow the 2020-2021 school calendar even though we are remote for the first quarter. You cand find that calendar here. In addition, check out school start and end times and schedules here.

Remote Learning Success

During remote learning, students will experience online learning from their classroom teacher through a combination of synchronous (live teaching via video/Google Classroom) and asynchronous (independent assignments like homework) learning. Students will be following a schedule that is similar to their face-to-face schedules but reduced for an online format (see above). Teachers will be teaching live lessons and helping students to work through the new material. For Asynchronous Learning on Wednesdays for middle and high schools, each class provides 30 minutes of asynchronous instruction that connects to prior/future learning. Students are expected to be working on a new assignment from their teacher or finishing up work they haven't completed yet. Students will be able to contact their teachers through Google Classroom or email during office hours if they have questions or require assistance.  

Click here for the remote learning school supply list. 

Attendance Policy

We have adjusted attendance guidelines for how attendance will be taken by teachers during remote learning. Click here to review updated guidelines. On occasions in which your child is unable to participate in synchronous (live) online learning, please inform your child’s school as soon as you are able. All other attendance reporting or questions will be the same as previous years. For example, if your child is ill and cannot participate in remote learning, please call your school’s attendance line and report your child’s absence.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

To create an Infinite Campus Parent Portal click here and follow the steps. Already have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal but need to update the information? Click here