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Referendum Videos

We invite you to watch and share the videos below. RUSD Referendum: Every Student. Every School. Flat Tax Rate.

Tax Impact

Did you know that for each dollar RUSD invests in referendum-specific facilities improvements we receive $.30 in state aid? This protects taxpayers and uses state funds to improve our schools!

Watch this short video to see how a successful referendum will keep the tax rate flat.

Cafeteria Conundrums

Four minutes. That’s how long engineers at Jerstad-Agerholm K-8 School have to get cleaned up after elementary lunches and setup for gym class. This often results in gym class being forced to start in the hallway before moving into the gym. Watch it for yourself.

Academy Needs

They’re grateful for what they have. But, students at the Academies of Racine at Park are looking towards the future. And it could be even brighter!

Food for Thought​

RUSD students eat two sometimes three meals a day in our schools. Schools that were built during a time that students went home for lunch. Space is inadequate and meal prep can sometimes be nonexistent. Our students deserve fresh, high-quality meals. If approved, the 2020 referendum aims to give them that.

Outdated Spaces

Many elementary school classrooms struggle to find the space to collaborate. And teachers are forced to make do with what they have. If approved, the 2020 referendum will impact every school and every student, giving them access to the 21st century learning environments they deserve. ​

Strengthening Security​

The safety of our students and staff is always our priority. Our students, staff and families deserve a safe and positive learning environment from the moment they walk through our doors. Secure entrances are needed at many of our schools. Funds from the 2020 referendum would allow RUSD to create these safe spaces helping staff and families feel safe at school.

Technology Troubles

Every day at 2 p.m. a piece of old building equipment turns on disrupting the WIFI and kicking students off the network at Janes Elementary. The 2020 referendum aims to fix this problem and improve technology in all of our schools by devoting funds to update technology in our classrooms.