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Racine Unified Purchasing

The Purchasing Department is committed to the fair, equitable and timely acquisition of goods and services for the Racine Unified School District with integrity, fairness and transparency. Our best practices include using technology and competition to bring maximum value to the District in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. All funding sources for such goods and services are expended within the regulations and guidelines mandated by Federal and State government and the Racine Unified School District Board of Education.

Below are the active bid/proposal requests:

RFP #19-044 Indoor Aquatic Facility

RFP #19-044 Indoor Aqua Plat

RFP #19-044 Addendum A

RFP #19-044 Indoor Aquatic Facility Sign Pre-bid Sign in Sheet

RFP #19-044 Indoor Aquatic Facility JI Case Evaluation

NOTE: Due to the inclement weather, the RFP due date is changed to Friday, February 1, 2019 at 10:00 AM.


RFP #20-001 Regular Pupil/Exceptional Education Needs (EEN) Pupil Transportation Services

RFP #20-001 Addendum  A

RFP #20-001 Addendum A Response Documents

RFP #20-001 Pupil Transportation Addendum B - NOTE:  CANCELLED - RFP 20-001 Pupil Transportation Pre-Proposal Conference Due to the inclement weather and state of emergency declared in Racine County, the Racine Unified School District will be closed on Wednesday January 30th.  The meeting is rescheduled for Friday, February 1, 2019 at 8:00 a.m. in the Lincoln Room in Building 1. Please email Diane Knoll at if you will be attending.

RFP #20-001 Pupil Transportation Addendum C

RFP #20-001 Exhibit A

RFP #20-001 Exhibit B

RFP #20-001 Exhibit C

RFP #20-001 Exhibit D

RFP #20-001 Exhibit E

RFP #20-001 Exhibit F

RFP #20-001 Exhibit G

RFP #20-001 Pupil Transportation Addendum D

RFP #20-001 Invoices Addendum D



RFP #20-002 Annual Financial & Membership Audit

RFP #20-002 Addendum A

RFP #20-002 Addendum B Sample Contract

RFP #20-002 Addendum C

RFP #20-002 Addendum C Management Letter @ Audit

RFP #20-002 Addendum C Journal Entries


RFP #20-003 Math Curriculum RFP

RFP #20-003 Math Curriculum Exhibit A

RFP #20-003 Math Curriculum Response Documents

RFP #20-003 Math Curriculum Cost Proposal

RFP #20-003 Math Curriculum Addendum 1

RFP #20-003 Math Curriculum Addendum 2


RFP #20-004 Word Works Grade 3-5 Curriculum

RFP #20-004 Word Works Grade 3-5 Exhibit A

RFP #20-004 Word Works Grade 3-5 Response Documents

RFP #20-004 Word Works Grade 3-5 Cost Proposal

RFP #20-004 Word Works Grade 3-5 Addendum 1

RFP #20-004 Word Works Grade 3-5 Addendum 2


RFP #20-008 Facility Master Plan RFP

RFP #20-008 Facility Master Plan Response Document

RFP #20-008 Facility Master Plan Addendum 1


RFP #20-007 Social Studies RFP

RFP #20-007 Social Studies Response Documents

RFP #20-007 Social Studies Exhibit A

RFP #20-007 Social Studies Cost Proposal

RFP #20-007 Social Studies Addendum 1



If you have questions, please contact Supervisor of Purchasing Diane Knoll at (262) 631-7032 or