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Production Machining

People with careers in production work on the shop floor making parts or assembling them. They work with machines, making or assembling electronic parts, Machine and tool parts, constructing or assembling modular housing, performing welding jobs, or printing various materials.

Courses in production machining will help prepare students who may be interested in careers such as: 

  • Welder                                              
  • Tool and Die Maker                                      
  • Solderer and Brazer
  • Sheet Metal Worker                       
  • Production Associate                                     
  • Precision Optical Goods Worker
  • Precision Layout Worker              
  • Pattern and Model Maker                            
  • Painter
  • Operator, Tender, Cutter/Brazer, Machine Operator                                              
  • Millwright
  • Milling Machine Setter                  
  • Large Printing Press Machine Setter           
  • Instrument Maker
  • Hoist and Winch Operator           
  • Hand Packers and Packagers                      
  • Foundry Worker
  • Extruding and Drawing Machine Setter/Operator
  • Electro-mechanical Equipment Assembler                                                                               
  • Electrical Installer and Repairer
  • Calibration Technician                 
  • Bookbinder                                                     
  • Automated Manufacturing Technician
  • Assembler                                        
  • Grinding, Lapping, and Buffing Machine Operator

Education Requirements

Most postsecondary schools and institutions offer certificates, associate degrees, or higher degrees related to manufacturing specialties.

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