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Printing & Graphic Design

The Printing & Graphic Design process has three stages-prepress, press and binding or postpress. Prepress workers prepare material for printing presses. They perform a variety of tasks involved with transforming text and pictures into finished pages and making printing plates of the pages.

Courses in printing and graphic design will help prepare students who may be interested in careers such as: 

  • Graphics and Printing Equipment Operators
  • Lithographers and Platemakers
  • Computer Typography and Composition
  • Desktop Publishing Specialist
  • Web Page Designers                         
  • Paper Salesperson
  • Plate Maker
  • Pre-Production Technician
  • Printing Equipment Operator
  • Production Coordinator/Manager

Education Requirements

Most entry level jobs in this pathway require an associate degree in printing technology. Many employees also have an apprenticeship certificate.

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