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Mentor Resources  Communication Skills for Mentors promotes successful mentor/youth interactions and relationship-building. Once mentors learn about the complexities of their role, they often wish they were better prepared. Watching and reflecting on the examples in this course can help you be ready for sticky situations. The videos in this series are based on experiences of actual mentoring pairs. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS WEBSITE.

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CAREER EXPLORATION WEB SITES  Registration is required, but there is no cost.  This is a great way to start a realistic discussion on your mentee's future.

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING:  A series of articles to reinforce your mentoring experience


GROWTH MINDSET FOR MENTORS:  Techniques to help your mentee move from a "fixed" mindset, which can be self-defeating, to a "growth" mindset, which can lead to a better mental  framework for the mentee.


MENTORING ACTIVITIES  A collection of websites with lots of ideas for things to do with your mentee.  Your mentees can log in with their id/passwords

Phonics, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Geography