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Offers accelerated track classes and a diverse selection of electives.

At Jerstad-Agerholm, the focus is on the future. Our fantastic programs, amazing faculty and staff and community partners support our students to become 21st Century leaders in the Racine community and beyond.

Jerstad-Agerholm offers the dual language program which encourages students to become bilingual in English and Spanish.

Accelerated track classes are available for students who demonstrate strength in core academic subjects. Standardized test scores, teacher recommendation, strong classroom performance and compelling interest all factor into placement in these classes.

Arts electives include music, visual arts, drama and dance. Plays, talent shows, dances, musicals, award-winning band, orchestra, jazz band and choirs offer a rich way for our children to express themselves artistically.

Business Education includes basic business, finance and economics lessons that serve the students and community as we develop business leaders of tomorrow.

​Many extracurricular activities including AfterZones, National Junior Honor Society, golf, basketball, cross country, volleyball, flag football, floor hockey and track.