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How can you support the Expo?

The SEE Your Future Expo may be the first time students are exploring potential career pathways. We invite you to engage with students during the Expo by sharing specific skills, experiences, and education that help in your organization’s success. The Expo will be an opportunity for students to talk with employees and learn about their current occupation, what career and education choices led to their current role, and how these experiences contribute to the success of your organization.

We encourage you to invite several representatives from your business/organization working in key, high-demand occupations to participate in the Expo.  SEE Your Future Expo tables is organized by specific career areas, which will allow students to explore how different careers are essential to your daily operations.

Your organization may represent up to 5 different career areas. Each career area will have a separate table. For example, a hospital may choose to have the following careers represented: nurse, radiologist, financial analyst, maintenance staff, and marketing staff.