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Gilmore Fine Arts

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Offers world-class opportunities in the fine arts.

Gilmore Fine Arts strives to educate the whole child by providing foundational skills, knowledge and learning experiences to support high-functioning and adaptable world citizens. 

The fun and passionate fine arts approach encourages the whole child to develop creativity, self-expression, focus and identity by engaging them in co-curricular activities and alternative experiences to increase academic success.

Integrating the fine arts through all core courses, Gilmore Fine Arts offers specialized instruction in these disciplines: art, instrumental music, choral music, drama and dance.

The school is located near the Racine Theater Guild and Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, providing opportunities for collaboration and unique learning for our students.

Encouraging students to develop creativity, self-expression, focus and identity, while increasing academic success.

Gilmore Fine Arts will offer intramurals including: boys and girls basketball, volleyball, track and cross country.