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Commend an RUSD Staff Member!

Would you like to commend an RUSD staff member for his/her work? Please email us the name of the staff member, his/her school (or the Administrative Service Campus) and the commendation to We will share the email with the school principal (if it’s for a school staff member) and the appropriate District-level administrators. We will also copy the commended staff member on the email. Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experiences in RUSD!

Parent/Customer Complaint Form

Please complete this form if you have not been able to resolve an issue at the school level working with the building principal. More information about how to return the form can be found on page 2 of the document. To view the Parent/Customer Complaint procedure, click here

Formulario de Quejas de Padres/Clientes 

Si no ha podido solucionar el asunto al nivel de la escuela trabajando con el directo del edificio, por favor llene este formulario. Puede encontrar más información acerca de como entregar el formulario en la segunda página de este documento. Para ver el procedimiento para Queja de Padre/Cliente, haga clic aquí

Bullying and Harassment Forms