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Fine Arts

 The Racine Unified School District has had a tremendous history of excellent art programs. For the past 50 years, our high schools and middle schools have put on hundreds of musicals and plays. There have been countless band, choir and orchestra concerts. Our students have traveled throughout the United States, North America and Europe receiving accolades for their excellent performances and for being great representatives of Racine's youth.

Our art departments have been part of the world art scene with exchange programs from Denmark to Japan. This year will mark our 75th year of the All District Art Show at the Wustum Museum.

Our students in art, music and theater have gone on to professional careers in Hollywood, on Broadway and music recording studios. We are still seeing students, to this day, making their presence known in professional circles.

Many of our art and music students are also in the most rewarding career, teaching. We have former music and art students teaching here in Racine and throughout the United States.

The Arts are alive at Racine Unified, making all of our students stronger whether they go on to a career in the arts or in any other field.

All RUSD students receive an education in the arts through elementary art, elementary general music and elementary beginning instrumental music. Our Suzuki string program starts in second grade and band starts in fifth grade. All students have the opportunity to be involved in the arts through their entire school career at RUSD.

Our programs are based on the State and National Arts Standards and taught by some of the finest teachers anywhere.

Please join us to celebrate our heritage of top quality art programs.