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Dual Language Program

RUSD Dual Language Programs are designed to provide language fluency and a strong academic foundation to ensure students reach their fullest global potential. This program enrolls both native English Speakers and bilingual children acquiring Spanish as a second language, and native Spanish Speakers acquiring English as their second language. It is a rigorous academic program designed to produce maximum proficiency in 2 languages.

RUSD's Dual Language Program begins in grade K4 and continues through middle school. In RUSD, dual language schools follow an 90/10 model in which kindergarten students receive 90 percent of their daily instruction in Spanish and 10 percent in English. By fifth grade, children spend half of the day learning in each language. Students work in both Spanish and English in the Middle School Dual Language program, increasing their language proficiency while learning academic core content. 

RUSD Dual Language teachers value each child’s individuality and cater to each child’s educational needs using an interactive learning approach. Dual language programs offer an all-inclusive environment full of warmth, creativity, and multiculturalism. Our Dual Language staff is dedicated to helping our students not only reach the RUSD North Star goals, but to do so as bilingual, biliterate, bicultural young adults. 

Elementary Schools That Offer Dual Language Program

  • Dr. Jones (No Dual Language 4K for 2020-21)
  • Fratt
  • Janes
  • S.C. Johnson
  • Julian Thomas
  • Mitchell Elementary
  • Bull Early Education Center
  • Wadewitz

Students who wish to continue in the dual language program in middle school attend either Mitchell School, Jerstad-Agerholm School, or Starbuck IB Middle School.

For more information about the dual language program, call 262-631-7108.