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Contact Chief Academic Office Staff

Rosalie Daca
Rosalie Daca
Chief Academic Officer
(262) 664-8735

Janell Decker
Executive Director of
Curriculum & Instruction
(262) 631-7065

Rachel Schuler
Executive Director of Special Education
(262) 631-7148

Maria Barreras
Director, Department of
Language & Education

James O'Hagan
Director of Virtual Learning

Christie Gajewski
Assistant Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Amy Shepherd
Director of Early Learning
(262) 664-8201

Lorie Karls
Director of Professional Learning
(262) 664-6126

Claire Stein
Project Manager for Professional Learning
(262) 664-6127

Kimberly Romero
Dual Language Program Specialist

Diane Salazar
Non-Public Schools Supervisor

Halli Lannan
Assistant Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Jenelle Williams
Project Manager for Curriculum & Instruction

Christina Ratatori
Fine Arts Specialist
(262) 664-8732