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New Urban School Now Enrolling Students 4K-5th Grade


The new RUSD charter school, Racine Civil Leaders Academy (RCLA), is now enrolling students in 4K-5th grade. 

“After months of working with educators and community members to design a school specifically designed to meet the needs of low-income and minority students in a way that does not compromise academic excellence, we are honored to receive the blessing of the school board and excited to get to the enrollment phase,” shared Danielle Dekker, one of the school’s founders. 

The school will be located in the former Winslow Building, located in an area historically known as Mid Town, and an urban area where 500+ students reside and has no neighborhood school.

“We wanted to start fresh with an old fashioned idea of the neighborhood school, but design the school in a way that students, families and community residents felt trust, pride and accountability for success,” stated Sue Kutz, RCLA Governance Board President.

The school’s mission is to prepare students to become empowered community stakeholders and to pursue post-secondary education programs and meaningful careers. RCLA’s approach uses project-based learning that prioritizes math, science and community leadership.

"RUSD is pleased to be able to provide another high quality school choice to the families and children of Racine through RCLA," said Superintendent Dr. Lolli Haws. 

For more information, please contact Danielle Dekker at 262-664-8500 or