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Horlick High School French Students Win Big at State Competition


On Saturday, May 13, ten students from Horlick High School and two students from Park High School earned medals at the Wisconsin State Concours Oral, a statewide French speaking competition.

For the last 5 years, Racine has had a strong showing at the competition and this year was no exception. Students prepared for and presented material in such categories as poetry, theater and vocal performance.

Congratulations to Horlick High School students Daniela Montez, Mariana Montez, Nathan Buxton, Alyson Ziegenhagen, Abigail Poznanski, Fernanda Jimenez, Talitha Gudal, Isabella Smetana, Savanna Wilder and Laijay Glover who earned Gold medals in the competition. Congratulations to Park High School senior Sophia Torosian for earning a Gold medal and Deshawn Bruce for earning a silver medal.