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Winter Sport - start date in November

Coach:  Dave Edwards



Wrestling is a sport that anyone can do no matter what size the student may be.  There are individual weight classes so the wrestler would wrestle someone at his or her own weight.  It is a great compliment for football players, and other athletes to become involved in.

  • "I draft wrestlers because they are tough, I have never had a problem with a wrestler." - Joe Gibbs, Hall of Fame Football Coach
  • "I would have all of my Offensive Lineman wrestle if I could." - John Madden, Hall of Fame Football Coach
  • "I love wrestlers, they are tough and they make great football players."  - Mike Stoops, National Championship Football Coach - University of Oklahoma
  • "Wrestlers make coaching football easy, they have balance, coordination, and as a coaching staff we know they're tough."  - Tom Osborne, College Hall of Fame Football Coach - University of Nebraska

More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride.

Some have wrestled without great skill - none have wrestled without pride.