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Graduation Requirements

Class of 2016-2017 and thereafter

Prior to the class of 2016-2017

  • Science (2 credits 9-12)
  • English (4 credits 9-12, minimum 1/2 credit in senior year, acting, English literacy or speech may count.)
  • Mathematics (2 credits 9-12)
  • Physical Education (1-1/2 credits 9-12, Health excluded) (Students must be enrolled in 1/2 credit per year for 3 of 4 years)
  • Health (1/2 credit grade 9)
  • Fine Arts (1 credit 9-12) (includes art, music, speech and drama courses)
  • Social Studies (3-1/2 credits 9-12, minutes 1/2 credit in senior year)

Total Credits

A student who is in good academic standing must successfully complete minimum credits of work at each grade level: 9th grade, 4 credits; 10th grade, 9 credits; 11th grade, 15 credits; a minimum of 22 total credits must be attained for graduation.

Requirements for Students Eligible for Early Graduation

Students in the accelerated program who complete successfully in grade 9 any two of the following subjects: Advanced English Survey I (2222), Biology (2622) or Geometry (2431), have the opportunity to graduate at the end of the 11th grade if the student and parents so choose and if a student meets the requirements below. (Note: Students graduating at any time after grade 11 must meet the 22-credit requirement.)

  1. Successful completion (no failures in any enrolled subjects) of 18 credits in grades 9, 10 and 11.
  2. Meeting all the senior high school requirements in mathematics, science, arts, English, physical education, social studies and health. (Exception: Students advanced in English are required to complete 3 credits. See II above.)

Granting Credit for Off-Campus Educational Experiences

Credit will be granted for off-campus educational experiences. Prior approval for such credit must be obtained from the student's counselor after consultation with the student and parent. Off-campus credit is granted by the school and is evaluated on an individual basis. Any expense involved in off-campus educational experiences (except for Youth Options and Course Options) must be paid by the student. (See Guidance course section.)

The High School Course Description Guide gives detailed requirements for prerequisites in every subject area. A student may not be denied the opportunity to enroll in a course on the basis of a mark in a prerequisite course unless that mark is a failure.