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The Case Way

The PBIS program is adapted to fit each school. We will be doing it the Case Way:  Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Self Aware. A Behavior Matrix identifying the expected behaviors in the multiple settings of our school has been included. This program will be implemented school-wide.

School-wide means that educators and other staff support appropriate behavior in classroom and non-classroom (bathrooms, assemblies, hallways) contexts. This support happens along a continuum from Tier 1 for all students and Tier 2 for a small group of students to Tier 3 for individual students. The goal is to create an environment that sets ALL students up for success. 

Instead of focusing the majority of our time on the few students chronically exhibiting negative behaviors, we are  focusing the majority of our time on the majority of students who exhibit positive behaviors. There will still be consequences (blue slips, suspensions, etc.) for the students who are committing major offenses, but expectations will be made clearer and students will be acknowledged for following the” Case Way” expectations.