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The Racine Engineering, Arts and Leadership (REAL) School is an instrumental charter school under the Racine Unified School District. Founded in 2000, REAL School maintains a vision of helping young people become excited about learning.

As a charter school within the Racine Unified School District, students seeking enrollment are required to fill out an application, shadow another student (for incoming 6th graders) or participate in a student interview/orientation with the principal, and agree to adhere to the school's rules and expectations. 

When students seek enrollment in grade levels currently at maximum capacity, they will  be informed at the time of enrollment and automatically added to the waiting list for that grade level unless otherwise requested by parent.  Parents are only notified of waiting list status when a position becomes available.


Every student will have a purpose and identity that drives their self-confidence and skill development necessary to succeed in life after graduating from the Racine Unified School District.


It is the mission of the REAL School to motivate every student to assume accountability for his/her own educational process while becoming a joyful, life long learner and successful in careers and family.